There were quite a bit of bookmarked links that I came across that made the list for August, 2013. Lets dive right in!

How To Do Onpage Optimization for Local SEO – The “Perfectly Optimized Local Page” Example

If you have multiple locations and are looking for a way to optimize the page for each location then start with this great post by Matthew Hunt. The post goes in depth on good on-site local seo techniques and includes a great locally optimized landing page.

Google Looks to Keep Local Users at With Two Interface Updates

With two new updates on the Google local front it appears that Google is trying to keep users from leaving’s results. They have added the local carousel, which showcases photos, business information, and reviews. They have also been testing this new one that creates a pop-up when you go to look at reviews of a local business.

Does Google Helpouts Indicate a New Direction For Local Transactions?

Interesting read on Mr. Blumenthals blog about future commerce through Google+ Hangouts. Worth a read!

7 Things I’ve Figured Out About The New Google Maps

Some pretty good findings from Andrew Shotland on the New Google Maps. Here they are, at a glance:

  1. Want Traffic From Google Maps? Buy An Ad
  2. Want Traffic From Your Google Maps Ad? Use The Sexy Keyword First
  3. Put Your Name in ALL CAPS (j/k)
  4. Beat MapOverlap Syndrome™ (“MapLap”©) With Domain Authority
  5. Study Related Map Searches For Your Category
  6. Influence What People Say About Your Business
  7. Get To Know The Top Reviewers In Your Area

Google Upgrades New Dashboard with ‘Remove This Listing” Option

Within the new Google Maps Dashboard, you can now remove a listing from your account. This blog post will show you how.

Yelp Will Add The Ability To Book Home Services Online With ReachLocal

By the end of the year, users will be able to book services online through Yelp. This is thanks to a partnership with ReachLocal, an online marketing company.

Google Continues Test of Local Call-Out Box

Phil Rozek, of Local Visibility System, shows a new test Google had ran where they included sitelinks into a local business result for some branded search phrases.

The 2013 Local Search Ranking Factors

David Mihm, of Moz, asked some local SEO experts (I was not one of them, maybe next year!), what they thought were the local ranking signals. The post is very informative and has a lot of rich information. Definitely take a look.

The Best Darn Local SEO Client Questionnaire

If you are a local seo provider, this questionnaire will make your life a lot better. Hat tip to Phil Rozek on sharing this gem.

How Long Should Your Business Description Be in the Google Places for Business Dashboard?

In the old Google Maps, listings were held to 200 characters or less for a description. With the new Google Maps the length is actually 4491 characters. LocalU recommends that the description should,

You should use just enough words needed to describe what you do in a compelling way.

Facebook Makes Mobile Pages More Functional With OpenTable Reservations And Rovi TV Guide Info

Facebook has made some “Yelpish” type changes to the way local business pages are displayed. Facebook has also partnered with OpenTable to allow reservations directly through Facebook. The article goes much further, go take a look!

Logo Optimization: A Local SEO Stealth Tactic

This a great article on how and why a local company should optimize it’s logo.

Get More Reviews Without Becoming an Outlaw

This article will give you a “fistful” of tactics on how to get more reviews for your local business.

Enjoy Super Fast Updates in the New Canadian Google Local Dashboard

The new Google Maps Dashboard has started to roll out to Canada.

Local Search Needs a Standard Business Listing

This post shows that though there are commonly accepted business listing models (NAP+W), there is no “official” business listing format. Do you think there should be an official listing format that local seo’ers can work off of?

Local Citation Building Best-Practices

New to building citations, do you know what citation building is? If you don’t, or need a refresher, bookmark this blog post. Phil Rozek does a great job at outlining clear cut directions on the best citation building practices.

OMG: No More PIN Verification Required to Change Address on Merged Google+ Local/Social

Before the new Google Maps, you would have to do a PIN verification in order to change the address of a Google Local Listing. With the new Google Maps, there is no longer a PIN verification when changing the address! As an added bonus, the new address change should be changed on the Google+ Local Listing shortly.

That is it for the August edition of Local SEO Mashup. Did I miss something that happened that you think should be added to this post? Add the link and a comment about it in the comments section!