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Scouteroo - Local SEO Competitive Analysis

An easy-to-understand report that shows you how & why your competitors are beating you in local search

It’s frustrating, isn’t it?

You have superior service or the quality of your products can’t be matched, but your competition outranks you on major search engines like Google for competitive keywords.

Maybe you’ve hired companies in the past to help with little results.

You spent $$$$’s on a new website.

You’ve invested not only money but a lot of time into your online presense and the results just aren’t there.

You’re frustrated pissed.

Do you just settle and move on? Of course not.

So what gives?

We’ll figure it out

Introducing ScouteRoo

When we start working with clients to help improve their local visibility, besides taking the magnifying glass to our client’s site, we’ll look at their top 5 local competitors, too.

This is what we look at when researching local competition:

  • Citations
  • Reviews
  • Backlink profile
  • Site structure
  • Site-speed
  • Content strategy
  • Structured data
  • Internal links

Overall, all of this and the baseline (your business) give us an overall picture.

This helps us identify your strengths and weakenesses in comparison to your competition.

It also provides a lot of low hanging fruit, usually link and citation opportunities.

Sounds good, but how much does it cost and what will I get?

So glad you likely thought this or skimmed to this section.

ScouteRoo is a one-time fee of $997 $1000. There’s some really nifty research out there that talks about pricing just under the round number to get more sales. It’s $1000, not $999, $997, or $994.97.

What do you get?

After all data gathering is finished, we’ll start spending the time to go through and start identifying key differentiators. After we finish all of this, we’ll then start working on the handoff documents that will be sent to you.

The handoff documents will take all of the geeky stuff we do and use simple language to show you WHY your competitors are outranking you.

The handoff document runs between 40 and 60 pages by itself.

Yes, we’ll also provide all of the research documents, too.

I’m interested, what’s the process like and turnaround time?

Here’s the process from start to finish:

  1. You fill out the form below
  2. We send you a link to our intake document (less than 5 minutes)
  3. You’ll receive our invoice, please pay it
  4. Whether you provided your competitors or not, we’ll do some preliminary research and send you our recommendations
  5. Data gathering
  6. We look at key differentiators
  7. Prepare handoff documents
  8. Schedule handoff call
  9. Send handoff document & all data gathered
  10. Have handoff call and go over handoff document together

Generally, the turnaround time from start to finish is 3-4 weeks.

Ready to get started?
Fill out the form!

After you fill out this form, we’ll send a link to our intake document, invoice, and some clarifying questions. Don’t know who your competitors TRULY are? That’s ok, we can identify them for you!

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