SEO For Multi-Location Businesses

We Have Actual Experience To Help Your Multi-Location Business

Congratulations, you have a plethora of locations across a metropolitan area and/or the country!

The Problem

More often than not, the systems you’ve implemented at your locations are humming along nicely but your locations presence isn’t stellar online.

Maybe you’ve hired individuals to help you or hired an agency that attempted to help but the results fell flat.

Chances are, that agency might have some experience in traditional SEO but don’t have the chops for multi-location SEO.

How We Can Help Your Multi-Location Business

Local listings:

These are the foundation of your local business information online. We’ll make sure that ALL of your locations have consistent business data across the major data aggregators, top local listing sources, hyperlocal listing sources, and industry-specific local listing sources.

Online reputation management:

Do you have processes outlined for earning positive reviews? We’ll work with your team and individual locations to come up with a review building strategy that works. Testing is important, some markets might do better with email while other markets do better with text messages. You don’t know until you test!

Technical & on-site SEO:

Your homepage isn’t going to rank for all of your locations, having the right location pages will. Besides including general information about the specific location, we’ll help add great content to the page to aid in its efforts of ranking more prominently on search engines.
Want to get technical? During our initial audit, we utilize a checklist with more than 100 different technical items.

Link acquisition:

We’ll develop strategies that earn local links to the respected location. Google wants to show the most relevant information online, essentially, they want to replicate the offline world into the online world. To do this, you need to build a great local brand. It’s not that difficult to do so but does require involvement from each location owner/manager.

Here’s what Scott Schrader, Chief Strategist Officer of CottageCare (42 locations) had to say about our work:

“Where do I begin? It’s all so incredibly perfect! I have worked with quite a few people in this industry, one of them supposedly one of the biggest names in the SEO game, but no one has even come close to matching the knowledge and professionalism of Blake and his team at RicketyRoo. Having a bunch of different service locations in varying markets across the US and Canada makes it difficult work of developing plans that are effective across the board but the plan they have put into motion is genius and working SO WELL! Beyond the obvious knowledge of SEO and implementation strategies, the communication is as good as I’ve ever had with anyone. They are also EAGER to see results in your business and genuinely give a shit. I cannot recommend RicketyRoo enough! Really, you can’t go wrong here!”

Ok, you’re interested, what’s next?

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