Blue Mountain Service Proposal for SEO

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RicketyRoo Inc.
October 06, 2022

Why We're Talking

We see additional opportunities for Blue Mountain Service to grow and we want to make sure that we highlight those for your team. We would love to see organic and Google Maps contribute more leads and growth to your business.

All of the issues highlighted here are high priority. We will tackle them as we can but a larger budget would mean we could fix these issues quicker which means better traffic and more leads faster as well.

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Striking Distance Opportunities

These are the keywords where we are the closest to making it onto the top of the first page of search results. Dedicating more time to developing and improving content for these keywords helps improve our rankings and traffic drastically.

Service Areas

Optimizing content for our service areas will help us improve our rankings and visibility in these cities. We could also determine if we are missing any major service areas where we could be adding content.


We are behind our competitors for topical and local backlinks. Backlinks are an extremely important ranking factor that impacts our authority and visibility online.

Service Pages Content Optimizations

We are currently reviewing key pages for our services and optimizing them. We can optimize all of the pages much quicker with more budget which would speed up the time to get improved results. It could also help us identify what other service pages we need that are missing.

Internal Linking Issues

There are pages on the website that are linking to broken pages. There are also pages that are not linked anywhere on the website. We need to review these pages and make sure we aren’t causing issues for Google or for users. In some instances, users and search engines aren’t able to get to the correct page they are trying to find because the page does not exist or isn’t linked anywhere on the website.

Blog Posting

There have not been new blog posts since October 2019. Blog posts provide us with opportunities to rank for long-tail keywords and common questions asked by our potential customers. It also provides us with opportunities to improve our rankings on key service pages through internal linking.

Schema Implementation

Schema or structured data is code that is added to the website that provides search engines with additional information about the page of the website. It helps build authority which impacts rankings and can also allow you to have special features in search results such as images, Google ratings, and FAQs.

Improve Page Indexing

Google will only rank pages that are indexed. In Google Search Console, we found pages that are not currently being indexed. We want to review the pages that are indexed and determine which ones should be ranked. We can then work on solutions to get these pages ranking in Google.


Leads from Organic With or Without Budget Increase

We are projecting an 18%-30% increase in leads from being able to tackle these recommendations sooner.

SEO Rates

Retainer: $2000/mo
Tech Fee: $200/mo

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