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September 12, 2023

Why We're Talking

Typically, companies like The Lash Lounge turn to us when they are:


About the results, or lack thereof, provided from previous vendors.


By the sheer amount of noise going on in the industry with what works and what doesn’t.


With their current status quo. Should we prioritize citations, link building, content development, a new website, reviews, structured data, ML/AI, Google Business Profiles, or all of the above?


Because they’ve been promised everything under the sun from sales reps of other agencies but have only ever received blog posts that get miniscule traffic, no ranking improvement on keywords that matter, excuses, and no real strategy besides “Look at this shiny report!”

Executive Overview

Traffic/rankings don’t pay the bills and keep you profitable – leads and new customers do. In order to drive new leads to The Lash Lounge, we need to set the right foundation.

We took a look at your current website and organic rankings. Here are our top areas for improvement:

  • Poor GBP rankings for keyword variations
  • Structured data missed opportunities
  • Google Business Profile CRO & testing
  • Competitor keyword spam
  • Externally duplicate content
  • Missed opportunities to use SEO with customer journey

This proposal is designed to go into detail about these high-level findings and how we can help increase organic visibility.

We will be measuring rankings and organic traffic monthly but we’ll ideally be looking at reporting on new leads.

Let's Talk About Your Business

Poor GBP rankings for keyword variations

While The Lash Lounge generally ranks well for local SEO, there are some missed opportunities. We found that our visibility heavily depended on the variation of the keyword. For example, locations were in the local pack for “eyelash extensions” but not for “lash extensions.” Limitations in keyword variations are often caused by content optimization issues on location pages.

Structured data missed opportunities

When reviewing your service pages, we found that they all use the BeautySalon schema. We should use schema that is more specific to the page type.

Google Business Profile CRO & testing

In some markets you are ranked very well in Google Maps, however, testing could help improve our conversion rates. Testing different images, features and post types in Google Business Profile could lead to more conversions.

Competitor keyword spam

Many of your competitors stuff their business names to improve your local rankings. This is something we should be aware of because this does push down our rankings.

While reporting competitors typically has a low success rate it may be worth it in markets where we are ranking position 4 and moving a competitor down would move us into the local pack or if we have someone who is extremely competitive that we can push out of the #1 spot.

Externally duplicate content

Smaller sites are copying our content and using it on their websites. This could have a negative impact on our rankings and visibility. Google does have options to remove content that violate privacy or intellectual property laws.


Missed opportunities to use SEO with customer journey

We reviewed where other lash franchises are outranking us for keywords and found that there are opportunities to improve our visibility for a greater variety of keywords related to lashes.

Many of the keywords with the highest search volume focused on lash styles. Adding the ability for potential customers to be able to review and choose from different lash styles would be a great way to increase traffic, improve conversions, and possibly increase backlinks. The are likely other opportunities related to lash products, lash care, and different types of lashes we can use to improve our authority, rankings, and leads.

Solutions for the Beauty Industry


Outside of ensuring that Google Analytics is tracking conversions, we created a Google Data Studio Dashboard.

Keyword Research

Ensuring that we’re targeting the right keywords for each location is extremely important.

We will be relying on your Google Ads search term reports along with Google Search Console Date

During this process we’ll identify:

  • New keywords to consider
  • Content gap opportunities
  • SERP features including, People Also ask, Knowledge Panels, Answer Box Results, etc.

Competitive Analysis

We look at 3-5 competitors that are ranking well for competitive
keywords to understand not just HOW but WHY.

Here’s what we look at:

  • Site architecture: Internal linking, URL structure, observations on website copy, structured data, readability, and word count.
  • Backlink analysis: We use Ahrefs to identify backlink opportunities and to see how the competitor is building their links.
  • Reviews: Average rating, quantity of reviews, and review velocity

Proprietary Tools (seriously)

Monthly Tech Fee: $150

Proprietary tools:

  • Competitive link benchmarking and ongoing link building CRM, saves a lot of time.
  • Google Data Studio SQR: The SQR downloads the previous 16 months worth of Search Console records & puts them into a BigQuery database. A bot downloads the newest records daily.

Our toolset also includes:

  • ahrefs, Majestic, Google Data Studio, Postamatic, BrightLocal, Whitespark, and more.

Proposed Potential Roadmap


We are a deliverables-focused company

This 4-month SoW (we call it a roadmap) was hand-built based on our conversation, your goals, and where we can bring value. There are no checkbox solutions here.

Why Potential?
We’re shifting things into turbo mode which means we may uncover some issues along the way that we want to address quickly. When that happens, we will let you know and will update the roadmap with as little disruption to our highest-priority tasks as possible.


View Roadmap

Why is this Sow ‘Potential’?

SEO has changed dramatically over the years. ~6 years ago, you could build irrelevant backlinks and rank fairly well for your keywords.

Those time are no more, Given the constant-changing nature of local search, we like to be adaptive vs. reactive, e,g, We may see something that we feel should be prioritized now.

Instead of adding that to work to be done in the future, we would likely drop everything we were focusing on and whatever we could to get it done.

Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”

SEO Rates

SEO retainer: $4,850/mo  – 29-32  hours per month

Tech fee: $150/mo

One-time set-up fee: $750


Why Us?

We probably don’t fit the typical agency mold that you’re used to working with. There aren’t 4-layers of communication to get to the people doing the actual work on your account.

As our homepage states; “We are passionate about supporting businesses. We understand what it takes to drive eyeballs, clicks, and ultimately customers for your business leveraging Google.” And we’re pretty great at it.

Our team is small but knowledgeable, experienced, and mighty! We are confident we’ll be able to drive the right kind of results to The Lash Lounge.

We live and breath search and actively contribute to the SEO and greater SEO community.

Client Proof

Case Study: JUNK Relief

- Client since December 2020

RicketyRoo has been a huge return on investment, way more than we ever anticipated. It’s wonderful to not even think about our SEO because we have the true experts.”

Joe Weidman Owner, JUNK Relief

Further Client Proof

Work completed:

  • Technical audit
  • On-site SEO
  • Review building strategy
  • Citation work
  • Local Competitive analysis
  • Local link building

Instead of creating content that may not truly add value, we focused on building.


These numbers are reported directly from them, not some arbitrary metric we pulled to make us look good.


46.99% 2016 VS 2017
79.05% 2017 VS 2018
163.19% 2016 VS 2018

Where do I begin? It’s all so incredibly perfect! I have worked with quite a few people in this industry, one of them supposedly one of the biggest names in the SEO game, but no one has even come close to matching the knowledge and professionalism of Blake and his team at RicketyRoo.

Having a bunch of different service locations in varying markets accross the US and Canada makes it difficult work of developing plans they have put into motion is genius and working SO WELL! Beyond the abvojus knowledge of SEO and implementation strategies, the communication is as good as I’ve ever had with anyone. They are also EAGER to see results in your business and genuinely give a shit. I cannot recommend Rickety Roo enough! Really, you can’t go wrong here!

Scott Schrader CMO, CottageCare

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