One of the first questions people ask me when they hear the company name is “What does RicketyRoo do?” After I answer, they usually ask “How did you come up with the name?”
Hint: It’s not about Kangaroos.

There are two parts to this story:

Part 1:

Prior to founding RicketyRoo, I worked for an agency. For one year I was a Production Manager, and then the last 9 months or so I ran the pay per click division. The primary means of getting new clients was telemarketing. The agency had 50+ telemarketers “dialing for dollars” each and every day. Even though we had a compliance department, sales reps would make promises that the agency could not deliver. Clients were dropping like flies, and sales reps still collected commission on the initial sale. The agency started doing layoffs to stay afloat. A few of my friends/co-workers got laid off. They were pissed.

We were over at my friend’s house that Friday night (what a way to start the weekend), and they were resenting what had happened to them. I threw it out there that we could start our own company. They all liked the idea. But we needed a great name. As the discussion continued, RicketyRoo just popped into my head. I put it out there. They all looked at me confused, then they are started to talk about how great of a name it was. I bought the domain name that night.

We never formed the company, over the weekend they all started to look for jobs, and I went back to work that Monday. 3-4 months later, I decided to go out on my own. Since I owned the domain name, I hit the ground running and haven’t looked back since.

Part 2:

When you read RicketyRoo, you can’t tell what we actually do. It’s a great conversation starter. It also puts a smile on people’s faces. Admit it, when you read the name there is a slight curiosity and a dash of fun to it, and you want to know more.

It’s both equal conversation starter and part of our who we are. We like to have fun, and we tend to express that. If you’re looking for someone very serious in a suit and tie, we aren’t going to be a good fit for your needs.

We strive to bring the best results to our customers, and delight the experience all along the way. Our clients appreciate the level of transparency we give them.

Our transparency includes:

  • Initial on-boarding call – We have a lot of questions and information we need from you
  • Monthly call – Go over results for that month, outline what we are doing the next month, and send a followup email after the call
  • Task completion emails – This is my favorite. Every time we complete something, we send you an email from
  • Google Drive – All work is available to view via a Google Drive shared folder. It contains all logins, reports, content, link reports, etc
It’s been my experience that the more transparent we are with you, our client, the more you trust us.

Questions to ask yourself:

Have you ever paid someone to do “SEO” for your business and had no idea what they were actually doing? I don’t know about you, but if I’m paying someone to do something for me, I want to know where my money is going.

If you get reports or updates, do you have a good understanding of what that actually means? A lot of industry jargon is used, and SEOs expect you to know what they mean. We don’t do that hear, we explain in simple English, what we are doing and how it will benefit your business.

Let's get you more customers