SEO for Small Businesses

If you own a small business, you know that you can’t ignore your business’ presence on the Internet.

From the photos to the amount and quality of reviews, you know that the Internet can’t be ignored.

But…you’ve probably hired several different people over the years that promised you the world and delivered virtually nothing.

Every month, you pay your invoice and hope that the results come but they escape you like the vendor you hired in the first place.

You reach out, ask for a report and get something that doesn’t really make any sense.

Frustrated, you cancel.

Sound familiar?

This is usually the story we hear when we are talking with a prospective customer.

It sucks that there are vendors out there that just burn small businesses like this and makes the entire industry look bad.

What Makes Us Different

Well, we actually give a damn about your success. We don’t pay much attention to arbitrary metrics like keyword ranking and/or overall traffic.

We care about leads and new business.

Sure, the other things might look good but if your phone isn’t ringing and new business isn’t coming in, then what’s the point of increasing traffic?

We believe in being completely transparent. Besides a standard monthly call to go over the work we did, the work we would like to do, and what we need from you, we do the following:

  • After the call, we send a list of our action items for that month
  • All of our work is available to you in Google Drive, including logins
  • We respond to emails within 1 business day
  • You have 1 main point of contact

How To Get Started?

Click on the nifty call to action below to request a free discovery call. You won’t be talking to a salesperson. The purpose of the discovery call is to understand your specific needs, see if we can help, and see if we both agree that we might be a fit. We aren’t always a fit for some and that’s ok!

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