Welcome To The Office

Kevin Malone swinging in a chair.

Ok, not everyone on the team watches The Office on repeat like Blake does.
If you love the field of local search and enjoy solving problems, then we’d <3 to talk to you.
Our culture in one word: Balance
Our goal is to never have you work more than 35 hours a week. We believe in a healthy work and life balance. This isn’t guaranteed but happens 80-90% of the time.



  • Remote. Work from wherever you want.
  • Paid health, dental, & vision (Your benefits kick in on the 1st of the following month from your start date. You can add your spouse or dependents to your plan, too, at an additional cost.).
  • 401(k) matching up to 5% of your annual compensation.
  • Maternal, Paternal, and adoption leave policies.
  • Control of your schedule (set your own hours, work when YOU want).

You heard that right, YOU, YES YOU!, set your own working hours. You have the freedom to choose the times and days of the week you work. We’re not babysitters, as long as you’re getting your work done, we don’t care when you work. Obviously, we like to know what a typical work-week will look like for you so our Project Manager schedules work accordingly.

Generous PTO: 10 days of PTO year 1 of employment. 15 days of PTO year 2 of employment. 20 days of PTO year 3 of employment and each year thereafter. Your PTO is available to use 60 days after your start date.

Paid Holidays: 9 paid holidays each year.

We are always looking for stellar people that fit any of these roles:

  • Link builders/PR
  • Technical SEO
  • Google My Business aficionados
  • Content writers
  • Project managers
  • Account managers
  • Digital analytics
  • Paid search & social

Open Positions

We currently don’t have any open positions at this time.

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We are just as fun and friendly as our Company name suggest – send us a note to say hello and start the conversation. We’re looking forward to it.