Local Search Engine Optimization

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Our Local SEO Process:

Competitive Analysis:

Every local SEO strategy needs to start here. What are your current competitors doing that is working for them? We drill down and look deeply into the tactics employed by your competitors to get a comprehensive picture of how competitive your market is.

Keyword Research:

What do you think people are searching for when they are looking for your product or service? For our local SEO clients, we usually ask for 5 of the top keywords desirable to rank for. We then take a look at our competitive analysis and see if there might be some other hidden opportunities to go after as well. We use tools to see what other keywords are out there that might be beneficial to your business.

Onsite Optimization:

There are two parts to onsite optimization. Let’s start with the first:

  1. Design: You can be ranking for 50 of the best keywords and not get a single lead or generate any revenue from the traffic. Why? Usability. How user-friendly is your website? We take a look at the current state of your website and offer tips and recommendations to help improve the conversion rate of traffic.
  2. Onsite optimization: Behind your beautiful website sits code, usually html or php on a content management system, such as WordPress. We optimize your website to help get you ranked organically.

Local Listings:

Having your business Name, Address, Phone number, and website (referred to as NAP) listed correctly is crucial. There are 5 major data aggregators, and roughly 50 other local listing sites that we start with.

We make sure your business is listed correctly and completely.

We will then identify hyperlocal and industry specific local listing opportunities for your business. We do this by looking at your competitor’s listing sources, as well as advanced searches in Google.

Link Acquisition:

Obtaining links to your website from trustworthy websites will really move the needle for your keywords. Links come in many ways including but not limited to:

  • Sponsorship opportunities
  • Guest posts
  • Content creation and outreach
  • Resources
  • Broken link building
  • Brand name mentions

Online Reputation Management:

Getting great reviews on Google and Yelp can be tough. We use third-party software that automates this process. Simply log in to the dashboard, add your customer’s information, and hit send. The tool does the rest.

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