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Blake Denman

Blake Denman

President & Founder

Blake has more than 14 years of local SEO and paid search marketing experience. He founded RicketyRoo in February 2009. Outside of running RicketyRoo, Blake enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife and Goldendoodle, June, hiking throughout Central Oregon.

Jonathan Davis

Jonathan Davis

SEO Specialist

Jonathan began his SEO career in 2012, two years before he graduated from the University of Oklahoma. Always looking for new ways to improve his work, Jonathan joined RicketyRoo in 2018, expanding his expertise to include local SEO. He is passionate about at least three things: travel, Formula 1 racing, and every chihuahua on the planet.
Hillary Hogan

Hillary Hogan

Project Manager

Hillary began her marketing career in 2011 and quickly became interested in SEO and paid search. She has worked with large companies at the enterprise level, but prefers local SEO and working directly with companies to improve business. She loves swimming, sandwiches, stopping for pedestrians, and spending time with her family.
Caleb Cosper

Caleb Cosper

SEO Strategist & Account Manager

Caleb is an SEO Strategist living in Seattle, WA. He earned a bachelor’s degree in zoology from the University of Oklahoma (Boomer!) and has turned his passion for all things data-driven and scientific into a passion for SEO.

Outside of work, his life consists of games (video and board), food (at-home and in-restaurant), craft beer (any and all), and fighting for climate justice.

Melissa Popp

Melissa Popp

Friendly Neighborhood Content Strategist

Melissa is a content marketing strategist based out of Denver, Colorado. Her passion for finding ways to make content work for all types of businesses has led to her working with some of the coolest brands out there. Melissa enjoys video games, listening to music, and spending way too much time analyzing all things comic books

Alisha Reicks-Sturgill

Alisha Reicks-Sturgill

Wearer of Many Hats

Alisha resides in Bend, Oregon, and has over 8 years of experience in sales and marketing. Her background in hospitality management and event coordination has honed her ability to multi-task her way through just about any project. She enjoys sunshine, paddle boarding, and spending time with her hubby and adorable French Bulldog, Pono.  

Kim Doughty

Kim Doughty

SERP Whisperer

Kim is a fun-loving SEO based in Houston, TX. After graduating from UT Austin with a bachelor’s in advertising, she developed her career specializing in SEO and digital strategy for local SMBs. When she’s not working, Kim loves hanging out at her local karaoke bar, relaxing with a hot cup of tea, and watching horror movies.
Celeste Gonzalez

Celeste Gonzalez

Jr. SEO Specialist

Celeste began her journey with SEO in 2020 during her second year of undergrad at UC Davis. She quickly realized that SEO is her passion and joined RicketyRoo to work with some of the best in the local space. Outside of work, she loves traveling, trying new foods, skincare, and watching Law and Order: SVU (Seasons 1-12). 

Amalia Fowler

Amalia Fowler

Senior PPC Consultant

Amalia is an experienced digital marketing strategist who has previously been dubbed a “PPC Wizard” by someone on Twitter. Her passions include ridding the world of terrible marketing and helping small businesses understand the world of digital marketing. Amalia excels at building great marketing teams, explaining tough marketing concepts and brewing really strong coffee. When she isn’t teaching marketing at college or optimizing PPC accounts, you can find her paddleboarding in the mountain rivers and lakes of the Pacific Northwest. 

Mark LaFreniere

Mark LaFreniere

SEO Strategist

A laid-back Yooper (/ˈˈyü-pər/ noun: a native or resident of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan) currently living in metro Detroit.  Earned a bachelor’s degree in graphic design from Saginaw Valley State University and was a member of the football team.  He uses 10+ years of digital marketing experience to find creative ways for advertising, social media & SEO to work together for a business.  When not working, he likes to keep updated with everything NFL-related and learning more about photography.

Blake is extremely knowledgable when it comes to SEO work. I highly recommend his services!
Garrett Ahlbert

Owner, Forever Free Cryotherapy

One of the first questions people ask me when they hear the company name is “What does RicketyRoo do?”

After I answer, they usually ask “How did you come up with the name?”

Hint: It’s not about Kangaroos.

There are two parts to this story:

Part 1

Prior to founding RicketyRoo, I worked for an agency.

For a year I was a Production Manager, and then the last 9 months or so I ran the pay per click division. The primary means of getting new clients was telemarketing.

The agency had 50+ telemarketers “dialing for dollars” each and every day. Even though we had a compliance department, sales reps would make promises that the agency could not deliver.

Clients were dropping like flies, and sales reps still collected a commission on the initial sale. The agency started doing layoffs to stay afloat.

A few of my friends/co-workers got laid off; and they were pissed.

A group of us were out later that week, and among the emotionally-charged discussions about what had happened,  I threw it out there that we could start our own company.

After some discussion… the idea had legs.

We started to discuss the idea of starting our own company and what we would call it –  RicketyRoo just popped into my head, so I put it out there.

Everyone looked at me confused, then they are started to talk about how great of a name it was. I bought the domain name that night.

We never formed the company, over the weekend they all started to look for jobs, and I went back to work that Monday.

3-4 months later, I decided to go out on my own, and since I already had the domain name, I hit the ground running and haven’t looked back since.

Part 2:

When you read RicketyRoo, you can’t tell what we actually do, but it’s a great conversation starter.

It also puts a smile on people’s faces. Admit it, when you read the name there is a slight curiosity and a dash of fun to it, and you want to know more.

It’s both equal conversation starter and part of our who we are; we like to have fun, and we tend to express that.

If you’re looking for someone very serious in a suit and tie, we aren’t going to be a good fit for your needs.

We strive to bring the best results to our customers, a truly delightful experience all along the way.

Our clients appreciate the level of transparency we give them.

Our transparency process includes:

1. Initial on-boarding call – We have a lot of questions and information we need from you

2. Monthly call – Go over results for that month, outline what we are doing the next month, and send a followup email after the call

3. Task completion email – This is my favorite. It’s important to know what the heck you’re paying for. During the monthly call, we’ll go over all the work that was completed the month prior and include it in the followup email.

4. Google Drive – All work is available to view via a Google Drive shared folder. It contains all logins, reports, content, link reports, etc

We had been looking for quite some time for someone to build our site to our specs and just couldn’t find the right professional until we met Blake and his team.

Blake is incredibly knowledgeable about how to structure the site and our online presence to increase visibility and encourage engagement with our clients and prospective clients. And the website is more than what we could have asked for! He also provided and still provides suggestions and assistance that he has helped us streamline our online image. He really is a gem!

Since we have been working with Blake, I have referred RicketyRoo to clients, business owners, and friends.

If your goal is to increase the online visibility of your business and you wish to catalyze your growth, call RicketyRoo!

Heather Schaible

Senior Associate, West Associates

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