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At RicketyRoo, we live and breathe digital marketing. But outside of work, all of us live and breathe on the same planet, and it’s the only one we’ve got. The global warming crisis is something we all have to face together, which is why we’re committing to being the most environmentally-conscious SEO agency we can be.

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What we’re doing to fight climate change

As a remote agency, we don’t have nearly as much of an impact on the environment as a traditional agency: the only energy we expend on the commute is walking across the house, and we don’t have the high electricity bills that come with an office building. Still, every person and business has a carbon footprint, and we’re measuring ours.

We used the official United Nations Climate Change Greenhouse Gas Emissions Calculator to determine our 2023 emissions in CO₂e, just like we did last year. Over the course of the year, we contributed 26.4 equivalent tons of CO₂ to greenhouse emissions.

The average individual American has an annual carbon footprint of 16-20 tons CO₂e — 26.4 ain’t bad for an entire company!

Carbon offsets that actually work

RicketyRoo is proud to be carbon-neutral for our 2022 and 2023 CO₂e emissions! We vetted a wide range of carbon offset companies and chose terrapass as the best option to ensure a diversity of carbon-reducing solutions. From reforestation to landfill gas capture to renewable energy, we’re putting our offset budget where it can work best.terrapass Certificate of Sustainability presented to RicketyRoo for 27 mT of carbon offsets

Check out our carbon offsets certificate for the year of 2022 here

Reducing our impact

Let’s face it; offsetting carbon emissions is a band-aid solution. If we’re going to reach zero global carbon emissions by 2050 as we so desperately need to do, we have to reduce emissions in addition to offsets.

  • Website Carbon Footprint – The average website results in approximately 5 grams of CO₂ per pageview, but we’re not your average website. From reducing page size to working with green hosting solutions, we’re making RicketyRoo.com as low-carbon as we can.
  • Home Energy Programs Where possible, we’re helping our employees all over the country (and world) enroll in green energy programs for their homes. The electricity that powers the computers that we all work on is the same electricity we use to light our homes, so the impact there goes beyond the work we do!
  • Fewer Flights – We’ll admit it… virtual conferences just aren’t quite as fun as in-person. Unfortunately, getting to those conferences usually involves air travel, which emits hundreds of kilograms of carbon per roundtrip flight. We’re being more thoughtful about which conferences we attend in person, and trying to use non-flight travel whenever possible.

Working for a change, literally

Any company can measure its impact and pay for offsets, but digital marketers like us can do so much more. We’re building out an entire client portfolio of carbon solutions companies, turning our SEO expertise into real change. It’s a win-win-win.

Want to see your name on our list of Climate Clients?

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We’re not alone

We’re not the first digital marketing company to commit to making a difference in the planet’s most important issue, and thank goodness for that! Here are just a few of those companies we admire.


Fighting climate change has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember, but I never thought I’d be able to keep up the fight at work, too. I’m so grateful we’re able to turn our SEO prowess into a real impact.

Caleb CosperSEO Manager at RicketyRoo

Ready to make a change?

Even if you don’t work directly in climate change solutions, you can make a difference just like we do. Beyond helping your business grow and succeed in organic search, we can help your site be just as climate-friendly as ours is.

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