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Besides Client Experience, We Have Real-life Experience, Too.

Let’s say you have the best recovery program in your area. The most experienced staff, certified in the latest techniques. Top-shelf facilities. Your clients are raving fans who have found lasting sobriety.

Yet, you’re not helping as many people as you could. Meanwhile, the center across town — which doesn’t enjoy your reputation or client success rate — is so busy they have to turn clients away.

Why might this be?

Word of mouth and social proof (e.g. reviews) can only get you so far. If one addict searches for “rehab near me” and another searches for “outpatient rehab Encinitas” how do you ensure you’re among the top results?


Search engine optimization (SEO) is a big part of online visibility. The problem is, it’s pretty complicated. You can’t just stuff a bunch of keywords into your page and hope it will climb the charts anymore. Search engines reward content that is useful (informative, accurate, and authoritative) and easy to understand by ranking it higher. We can help you do both.

Plenty of firms have modern SEO expertise. But we understand the unique needs and perspective of addiction-recovery centers. We know what drives you. We have firsthand experience with addiction and recovery. We speak your language.

Your audience, however, may not.

Clinical work uses some very specific language. “Modality,” for example. There probably isn’t a clinician in the world who doesn’t know what that means. But what percentage of your target audience could define it compared to “method” or “technique?” How many prospective clients have left your website just because they couldn’t understand it?


SEO, like recovery, works best when tailored to the client. Our holistic approach covers every factor that contributes to better-performing websites and higher search engine rankings. Most importantly, we’ll take the time to understand who you are and the market you serve. In the process, you might even understand yourself a bit better. But just as your treatment center isn’t a fit for every addict, RicketyRoo isn’t a fit for every treatment center.

For example, we won’t work with two competitors in the same market. We do our homework, too, only working with the most reputable centers. We’ve turned a lot of potential clients down for this very reason.

But once you are a client, you will enjoy unmatched service and impressive results. We’ll even help with reputation management, helping protect your brand as it grows.

If you’re a best-in-class recovery center with a strong reputation looking to grow in a competitive market, let’s chat.


I have been working with Ricketyroo for over a year now on SEO and social media presence. I have found Blake and his team to be streamlined, efficient, and patient with my very busy schedule. He has served as a great sounding board for various marketing related thoughts offline as well and has continuously found a way to get all of my offline ideas represented online even when the thought hadn’t occurred to me at all. My SEO has been greatly improved which has led to a noticeable uptick in service requests from the online audience. Google stopped allowing pay per click in my industry. I have never paid for a click in my life and I am so glad we steadied the ship with RicketyRoo and ran the marathon instead of the sprint. With the latest changes with Google, I am watching my competitors scramble to make up for lost time and I am just making adjustments with the winds.

Kansas Cafferty, MA, LMFT, MCA, CATC, NCAACOwner, True North Recovery Services



We began working with True North Recovery Services, an IOP based in Encinitas CA during the latter half of 2016. Our focus was on increasing organic traffic, assisting with social media, and driving new leads to their facility.





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