One Simple Line of Code Could Help Increase Treatment Center Admissions

One Simple Line of Code Could Help Increase Treatment Center Admissions

We live in the mobile age. If your website isn’t mobile friendly, you are missing out on some huge opportunities to gain more admissions.

Even mobile-friendly treatment center websites miss this one simple feature that makes a mobile-friendly website user-friendly.

We’ve all been there. Browsing a website and you have some questions, so you want to make a phone call. You find the phone number, and then what?

Some users simply try to highlight the phone number to copy it, then try to paste it to make the call.

Other users will toggle between a notepad and the website trying to text out the phone number.

Others will take out pen and paper and just write it down.

Do any of these options seem really easy to do? Surely their must be some other way to make this mundane process easier.

Well, one simple line of code will solve this issue.

What is it? Click to call.

Click to call enables a user to call you directly from their mobile device. The phone number becomes a clickable link that they tap on.

When we surf the web, we click on links to get to other websites.

We are essentially turning the phone number into a clickable link and performs the action of placing a phone call.

How hard is it to set up click to call? One line of code for each phone number you want to have this great feature.

<a href=”tel:+18881234567″>(888) 123-4567</a>

To make these changes, open your web pages in a text editor or log in to your Website’s CMS (Content Management System).

Make sure you are viewing the html of the page.

Locate your phone number, and add the first 1/2 of the <a …> before the phone number by copying and pasting.

Change 8881234567 to your phone number. Do not remove the country code. No spaces or dashes.

At the end of your phone number, add the </a>. Whatever is in-between is what is clickable to make the call. In this case, we just want the phone number to be clickable.

Save, and update your page.

If you are not confident in doing this, provide these instructions to your website designer.

By adding this simple feature to your website, you are making it that much easier for someone to place a phone call.

The better the user experience, the better the chance they decide to click to call your business!

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