The Single Biggest Local SEO Tip For Treatment Centers

Just like treatment methods that were used 3-5 years ago, are now no longer used, and new and better treatment methods are practiced.

Local SEO is a constantly changing environment, and search engines are constantly updating their algorithms to find the best results possible for users.

Though both treatment and Local SEO require a foundation. A foundation isn’t going to change, what does is the minor things that may help a little bit.

Each year, Moz Local puts out a yearly Local Search Ranking Factor survey that asks industry experts what they believe to be the biggest ranking factors for Local SEO.

The biggest thing treatment centers can do to help their Local SEO is to have consistent NAP+W data.

The top 2 ranking factors for the survey performed by Moz has to do with NAP+W data. NAP+W accounted for more than 39% of the total.

NAP+W is an acronym that stands for business Name, Address, and Phone number and Website.

If a treatment center has had a different business name, address, phone number, or a different website, the more likely the data out there is incorrect.

Search engines use data aggregators, and third-party directories to match business information. 

The more consistent the data is across these aggregators and third parties, the more likely they trust the business is located at that location and are legitimate.

Think about it, if you had 2 businesses that were competing for the same spot on a page, and 1 of them had 2 different phone numbers, which one would you trust?

Besides having the correct business info on each listing, it’s important that the business categories are prioritized as well. 

If your treatment center specializes in drug addiction, the primary category would be ‘Drug Addiction Treatment Center’. Specializing in alcoholism? Alcoholism Treatment Programs would be the primary category. Using broad categories that are semi-relevant to your business won’t help. Be as specific as possible, and order them appropriately.

To check to see how well your NAP+W data is, Moz Local has a free tool to check the accuracy of listings. Check My Listings 

Using Moz Local as a service is not a silver bullet. Moz Local handles the top 5 major data aggregators, and a few top listing sources. 

For the best results, all listings need to have correct business data.

It sounds pretty easy to do, but actually takes a lot of time and effort. More often than not, clients will start to do this on their own, then hire us to take it over once they realize how difficult it can be.

Thinking about ramping up your treatment center’s marketing? Get in contact with us and schedule a free consultation. 

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